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Pros Parts Staff

Yoo Chi

Yoo Chi

Parts Sales
Language Specialist

Call him Chi.  Chi came to PROS in April 2001 after having owned and operated a local drycleaning plant for 12 years.  Chi's knowledge of drycleaning from the point of view as a store owner is a valuable asset to PROS.  Chi is responsible for developing customer relationships in the Korean community.  He also our resident Korean language expert.

Chi can be reached by calling 1-800-899-7035

E-Mail yoochi@prosparts.com

Barry Victor

Barry Victor


Barry started PROS in the spring of 1988.   He has a degree in engineering and over 25 years of experience in the drycleaning industry.   Barry is the third generation of the U.S. machinery manufacturer "Vic".   In 1987, Barry's family sold Vic to outside investors and Barry started PROS.  During his time at Vic, Barry worked in many areas including engineering, equipment sales, purchasing.  Barry was also responsible for starting and managing Imparts, the predecessor of PROS. 

Barry is married and has two young children, a girl, Rio, and a boy, Colton.   Barry makes his home in Durango Colorado. 

Barry is an avid downhill skier, road biker, kayaker, windsurfer, and father.  

Barry can be reached directly by calling 763-231-7379

E-mail barryv@prosparts.com

Theresa Horan

Theresa Horan


Theresa came to PROS in our first year of operation, 1988.  She has a BS degree in Chemical Engineering and has experience in purchasing when she worked at Vic Manufacturing.  She is applying her skills and experience as our company controller.  Theresa has supervised 13 years of profitability.  

As controller her duties include preparation of financial statements, accounts payable, government compliance, and insurance and banking issues.  She is also responsible for payroll so she gets substantial respect by all PROS employees.  Most of our customers will rarely have a need to talk to Theresa unless they become delinquent on their invoice payments or are trying to establish open account status. 

Theresa can be reached by calling 763-231-7377

E-mail theresahoran@prosparts.com

Bruce Hope

Bruce Hope


Bruce Hope joined PROS in September of 1991.  He is responsible for maintaining our in-house computer systems and phone networks.  He is also in charge of our drycleaning computer sales and repair department.  Bruce also handles our special projects and all of our marketing and advertising from idea to production through implementation and placement.

Bruce can be reached by calling 763-231-7380

E-Mail brucehope@prosparts.com

Mary Yukonich

Mary Vukonich

Purchasing Manager

Mary joined PROS in July of 1994.  She is in charge of our purchasing department.  She is responsible for maintaining inventory levels of all our imported and domestic inventory.  It is because of Mary's effort to purchase efficiently that our customers enjoy the lowest prices in the industry.

Mary's previous work experience includes 25 years in various positions at Vic Manufacturing Company.

Mary can be reached by calling 763-231-7375

E-Mail maryvukonich@prosparts.com

Bruce Hubbard

Bruce Hubbard

Shipping & Warehouse Manager

"Hub" came to PROS in 1993 and so has been with us twelve years.  He had experience in management and inventory control and is well suited to his current responsibilities.

He is applying his skills and experience as warehouse manager and production coordinator.  As warehouse manager his duties include shipping and receiving of products, warehouse organization and production manager.

Bruce can be reached by calling 763-231-7378

E-mail brucehubbard@prosparts.com

Brian Dahlen

Brian Dahlen

Purchasing Assistant

Brian started in 1994 and so has completed nine years at PROS.  He is currently our purchasing assistant and also assistant warehouse manager.

Brian can be reached by calling 763-231-7374